Aviation Services

Airport Services – Provided by Red Rock Aviation


Attended and Fueling Services

Winter Hours: 7am – 5pm (October-April)
Summer Hours: 7am – 6pm (May-September)
Fueling services offered until 30 minutes prior to close.
After hours service available upon request.

Fuel Service

Phillips 66 Fuels
100LL and Jet A +/- Prist
FUEL PRICES: Please contact for current prices: 928-282-1046
Prices Subject to Change w/o Notice

FBO: Red Rock Aviation
Unicom: 123.0
Phone: 928-282-1046
Fax: 928.282.3911
Email: RedRockAv@SedonaAirport.org

Apply for a Phillips 66 Aviation Credit Card

Sedona Airport’s AWOS is : 118.525 or Listen via phone at: 928-282-1993

Visitor Services

We can help with hotel and resort reservations as well as car or jeep rentals

Jet Landing Fees

$100 – $200 or 100 – 200 gallon fuel purchase

Monthly Ramp Tiedown Rates

Spaces are Available
Single Engine $50.00
Small Twin Engine $70.00
Large Twin Engine $100.00

GPU Service

$50 / half hour

Car Rental

Airport Rent-A-Car of Sedona
(Onsite – Main Terminal)
Automobile Rental – On Site Vehicles.
Open 9 am to 4 pm daily

Enterprise Rent-A-Car



We can arrange full catering services.
Call us for information.

Overnight Transient Parking

Single Engine $10.00
Twin (Small)  $15.00
Twin (Large)  $20.00
Helicopter      $20.00
Jet  $100.00 – $200.00

Rental of Airport Conference Room

Profit: Half Day $72.10 w/tax, Full Day $113.30 w/tax
Non-Profit: Half Day $41.20 w/tax, Full Day $61.80 w/tax
AV Equipment $41.20 w/tax