Powered Parachute Informatioiin

Powered Parachute Information

A powered parachute, often abbreviated PPC, and also called a motorized parachute or paraplane, is a type of aircraft that consists of a parafoil with a motor and wheels. The aircraft’s airspeed is typically about 25–35 mph. PPCs operate safely at heights ranging from a few feet off the ground to altitudes as high as 10,000+ ft, but typical operating heights are between 500 and 1500 feet above ground level (AGL). Equipped with a 5-15 gallon fuel tank, PPCs can typically be flown for about three hours before requiring refueling. They have very short take-off and landing rolls, sometimes less than 100 ft (30 m).

There is no minimum altitude for Powered Parachutes, except a height the pilot can safely land without hazard to persons or property on the surface.

You may not act as pilot in command (PIC) of a lightsport aircraft powered parachute unless you hold a pilot certificate with a powered parachute rating issued by the FAA. At this time the only pilot cer Two-place powered parachute aircraft. Figure 1-3. The powered parachute has some unique operating characteristics as compared to other light-sport aircraft.

Download FAA Handbook on Powered Parachutes: CLICK HERE