Noise Abatement Program

Noise Abatement Recommendations

The Management of Sedona Airport appreciates your voluntary assistance to fly friendly over the skies of Sedona. The recommendations provided here are voluntary and should not be a substitute for good” heads up flying” practices. Compliance with these recommendations is at the pilot’s discretion and should be exercised only when consistent with safety.

Traffic Altitude – 6000’ MSL (prop); 7,000’MSL (jet)

  • Practice situational awareness. Use your radio!
  • No mid field or intersection departures.
  • Gain altitude as quickly and safely as possible before leaving airport boundaries. Use best rate of climb (Vy) for noise abatement.
  • Fly standard left-hand pattern, no low approaches, no straight in approaches.
  • No touch and go landings.
  • Limit operations to the extent practical between 9pm to 7am

Helicopter Operations

Sedona is a noise sensitive community with historic sites scattered about the area. Please follow recommendations of Advisory Circular 91-36D. Specifically, section 8(b). When practical, please follow arrival/departure routes as described on map 1-

Thank you for recognizing Sedona as a noise sensitive community and voluntarily flying friendly and flying safely!